Projects include:

Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) On-Call System Safety Engineering Services.

ADS supports all aspects of MTA’s System Safety Program. This includes leading safety and security certification programs of major capital projects, conducting internal audits of MTA’s safety program, performing annual reviews and revisions of MTA’s System Safety Program Plan, assisting with the ongoing administration of MTA’s Hazard Management Program, and performing safety analyses and risk assessments of MTA operations and systems.

Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART).

ADS is managing the Safety and Security Certification Program for the $5.4B new start Honolulu Rail Transit Project. This Project consists of 20 miles of elevated alignment, 21 rail stations, maintenance and operations facilities, park and ride lots, bus transit centers and the procurement of 80 fully automated rail vehicles. ADS is responsible for supporting the administration of the Project’s System Safety Program, which includes reviewing system designs, assisting with the development of project specific hazard analyses and threat and vulnerability assessments, and assisting with the development of conformance checklists.

WMATA Safety Engineering Services Contract.

ADS supports WMATA’s Department of System Safety and Environmental Management (SAFE) with the development and administration of its safety program to strengthen WMATA’s safety culture. This includes supporting WMATA with the implementation of its Hazard Management Program. ADS also manages the safety and security certification program of WMATA’s $300M 7000 Series Vehicle Acquisition Program, and supports administration of WMATA’s overall safety and security certification processes. ADS also manages a comprehensive Facility Fire/Life Safety Assessment Program in which each of WMATA’s facilities is being inspected to determine fire/life safety compliance.

Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) Threat and Vulnerability Assessment TVA.

ADS conducted a TVA of HRT’s Light Rail System in accordance with the requirements of HRT’s Security and Emergency Preparedness Plan (SEPP) and FTA’s recommended processes as detailed in “The Public Transportation System Security and Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide, January 2003, Final Report”. The TVA included inspections and observations of critical system assets under both normal and abnormal operating conditions, as well as during both day and night hours of operation. The TVA also included reviews of security program documentation, and interviews of staff from across the organization. ADS prepared the final TVA report, which documented identified threats and vulnerabilities and provided recommendations for their control and mitigation.

VIA Metropolitan Transit Safety Assessment Services.

ADS is performing a safety assessment of VIA safety program. This includes reviewing existing program documentation, including injury data and statistics, interviewing staff, and conducting physical site inspections to evaluate working conditions and practices and VIA compliance with applicable occupational safety and health standards and regulations. It also includes benchmarking VIA’s safety program with other transit agencies and transit-related industries to develop a program gap analysis and recommendations that can be used by VIA to improve its safety program.

North Carolina Department of Transportation State Safety Oversight (SSO) Program Support Services

ADS assists NCDOT with administering all aspects of its SSO Program and its oversight of the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) and City of Charlotte Streetcar Starter Project. This includes all activities required to comply with 49 CFR Part 659, and the new requirements of 49 U.S.C. § 5329 and 49 U.S.C. § 5330 concerning safety oversight of rail fixed guideway public transportation systems.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Project Management Oversight (PMO) Program

Our staff has supported FTA’s PMO Program, serving as system safety and system security technical experts since 2005.  This has included serving as system safety and security experts overseeing the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority d/b/a LYNX, E2009-NWST-034/FL East-West Circulator System BRT and the FL-79-0001 Paramore BRT projects, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) Hartford to New Britain Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project, the Puerto Rican Tren Urbano and Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses (i.e. AMA) Projects, and the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) Fire Protection System Upgrade Support Project.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) SE 2020 Program. 

ADS is providing systems engineering support to FAA’s NextGen Program. This includes reviewing and analyzing program concepts, conducting research and hazard analyses, and assisting with the preparation and delivery of concept of operations plans, project reports, and briefings to executive stakeholders.