Proudly Supporting the Safety and Security Certification Program for HART

The first fully automated metro system in the US

Project Highlight

ADS System Safety Consulting Specializes in Risk-Based Mission Assurance Services, Proudly Supporting the Implementation of Safety Management Systems Across Different industries nationwide.

Proudly managing the Safety Program for HART, the largest and most technologically advanced new start rail transit project in the United States.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Integrated Program Office (IPO)

Analyzing the potential risks of the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and how these risks can be mitigated.

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Project Management Oversight (PMO) Services

Serving as subject matter experts in the field of Transit System Safety and Security on major capital projects throughout the country.

MTA On-Call Safety Service

Prime contractor of the $10 million MTA On-call Safety Contract, MTA-1399C, managing dozens of task orders and overseeing the work of five subcontractors.

North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) State Safety Oversight

Proudly assisting the State of North Carolina in administering its State Safety Oversight (SSO) Program in compliance with Federal regulations since the firm’s inception.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Selected to support Safety and Mission Assurance programs for the Goddard Space Flight Center and its numerous missions.

Recent projects

ADS is very proud and excited to have been selected by a vast variety of clients to support their most important and high-profile projects. Recent projects include:

Honolulu, HI

HART Project

Most Technologically advanced rail transit system

  • Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART)
  • Honolulu, HI

Services Performed

ADS currently manages the Safety and Security Certification Program for HART’s $8.4 Billion new start rail transit project. This is one of the largest new start rail transit projects under construction in the United States. ADS’ services include:

  • Maintaining the project Safety and Security Management Plan (SSMP) to meet FTA requirements, and conducting audits of project contractors to verify compliance with the SSMP, preparing and submitting audit reports of findings and recommendations to HART;
  • Developing and maintaining the project Safety and Security Certification Plan (SSCP);
  • Conducting and maintaining hazard analyses including the project-wide PHA, TVA, Hazard Tracking Logs, and Open Items Logs for the project;
  • Developing and managing the project Certifiable Elements and Certifiable Items Lists, and Design and Construction Specification Conformance Checklists;
  • Facilitating the Safety and Security Review Committee (SSRC) on behalf of HART’s CSSO, including preparing meeting agendas and meeting minutes, managing action items, and completing technical reviews of safety and security certification documents submitted to or developed by the SSRC;
  • Making recommendations to HART for interagency coordination between project stakeholders, including Federal, State and Local government agency representatives such as the FTA, Hawaii Department of Transportation (HDOT) and emergency responders as it relates to safety and security issues, events and activities;
  • Reviewing and providing comments to safety and security design criteria;
  • Auditing project contractors to monitor and verify compliance with the requirements of the SSCP, and preparing and delivering reports to HART documenting audit results;
  • Facilitating meetings of the Fire and Life Safety Working Group (FLSWG) and Safety and Security Certification Working Group (SSCWG) and acting as a liaison between HART and working group members including emergency responders;
  • Preparing Certificates of Conformance for signature by applicable parties;
  • ADS will also be responsible for preparing the final Safety and Security Certification Verification Report (SSCVR) once the project is complete. 

MTA On-Call Service

On-Call System Safety Services, Baltimore, MD

  • Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)
  • Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD

Services performed

As Prime Contractor, ADS oversees a team of 3 subconsultants and provides an array of safety and security certification, system safety engineering, vehicle engineering, Safety Management System, and vehicle quality assurance services to the MTA. Representative tasks include:

  • Safety and Security Certification for Capital Projects. ADS employs a risk-based approach to safety and security certification, consistent with the principles of SMS, which focuses the certification effort on safety critical items. ADS manages the Safety and Security Certification programs for several MTA capital projects across modes of transportation (Light Rail, Metro Rail, Bus, Commuter Bus, Commuter Rail). Projects include but are not limited to the MARC PTC, Halethorpe Station High-Level Platform and Pedestrian Bridge, Siemens Locomotive Procurement, Multi-Level Railcar Procurement, and GP39 Locomotive Overhaul Projects; the Metro Railcar Fleet Replacement and Train Control Replacement, Metro Shot Tower Station Improvements, Metro Anchor Bolt Replacement, and Metro Track Replacement and Restoration Projects; the Central Control Center Rehabilitation and MTA LRV Fleet Overhaul Projects. For each project ADS prepares project-specific safety and security certification plans, develops certifiable items lists, conformance checklists, and prepares safety and security certification verification reports (SSCVRs).

  • System Modification Reviews and Studies. ADS conducts hazard analyses and studies of potential safety and security issues arising from station, facility, vehicle and system design modifications, proposed design changes, introduction of new technologies and equipment, results of accident/incident reports, and infrastructure inspection reports, etc. For each assessment or study, ADS conducts an analysis of the potential safety hazards or security vulnerabilities that may result and assist in identifying and implementing acceptable risk management strategies and mitigations.

  • Safety Management System (SMS) Services. ADS’s SMS services include Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion and span the entirety of MTA’s organization. This includes leading the development of annual safety program performance goals and objectives, revising the Agency Safety Plan, leading internal safety audits of MTA’s modal operations to monitor safety compliance, analyzing safety risk and developing and tracking mitigations, developing and providing safety training programs, and serving as a liaison between MTA and internal and external safety program stakeholders.

  • Quality Assurance and Engineering Support. ADS provides on-site quality assurance support to the MTA’s bus division, including quality audits and inspections of facilities and equipment, and reviews of proposed bus vehicle and maintenance facility designs.

Raleigh, NC

North Carolina Department of Transportation

Safety Oversight of Rail Fixed Guideway Systems

  • NCDOT Rail Division
  • Raleigh, NC

Services Performed

ADS assists NCDOT with administering all aspects of its State Safety Oversight (SSO) Program and its oversight of the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) and GoTriangle Durham to Orange County new start Light Rail Transit Project. Representative tasks include:

  • Leading the development and implementation of NCDOT’s SSO Program Standard. ADS conducts annual reviews and revisions of the Program Standard to assure compliance with Federal regulations and oversees its implementation throughout the State. This includes evaluating the system safety and security programs of the rail fixed guideway public transportation systems (RFGPTS) under NCDOT’s jurisdiction, including their processes for Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, Safety Promotion, and Safety Policy.
  • Leading Triennial Audits of RFGPTS Safety and Security Programs. This includes developing audit checklists, coordinating audit schedules and on-site activities with RFGPTS personnel, reviewing pre-audit document submittals, leading on-site audit verification activities, and developing draft and final audit reports and presentations documenting findings and recommendations. ADS also develops, tracks and measures the effectiveness of corrective action plans in response to Triennial Audit findings.
  • Participating in and overseeing RFGPTS internal safety review programs. This includes reviewing and determining the acceptability of auditing processes, participating in on-site internal safety review activities, determining the acceptability of internal safety review reports and corrective action plans and making recommendations as necessary, and monitoring RFGPTS implementation of approved corrective action plans.
  • Accident Investigation. ADS conducts investigations of RFGPTS accidents on behalf of NCDOT and reviews accident and unacceptable hazardous condition investigations performed by RFGPTS to determine their adequateness and acceptability. This includes responding to accident scenes, interviewing RFGPTS employees and primary participants, reviewing railcar and systems data, track conditions, communications, maintenance records, training records and other evidentiary materials to identify accident root causes. ADS provides comments and recommendations to RFGPTS accident investigation reports and works on behalf of NCDOT to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of corrective actions.
  • Assisting NCDOT in overseeing the safety and security certification programs for RFGPTS major capital projects. This includes reviewing project plans, designs, drawings, hazard analyses, threat and vulnerability assessments, and outcomes from the certification process, as well as participating in design reviews. It also includes reviewing and monitoring project testing plans, procedures and results to evaluate system readiness, and participating in emergency drills and pre-revenue operation activities.
  • Working with North Carolina’s State Legislature to revise NCDOT’s enabling legislation.  ADS worked directly with the State Legislature, North Carolina’s Department of Justice, and NCDOT to revise NCDOT’s enabling legislation to reflect the necessary authority needed to implement Federal regulatory requirements resulting from the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21). 

US Department of Transportation

Federal Transit Administration Project Management Oversight

  • Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
  • Multiple Cities

Multiple Cities

Services Performed

ADS supports FTA’s Office of Engineering as a Project Management Oversight Contractor (PMOC) and subject matter expert in the areas of transit system safety, fire/life safety, and security. In this role, ADS has been called upon to provide subject matter expertise and oversight of public transit projects located throughout the United States. This has included the Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT) Hartford to New Britain Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority d/b/a LYNX East-West Circulator and Paramore BRT projects, Puerto Rico’s Tren Urbano and Autoridad Metropolitan de Autobuses systems, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LACMTA) Westside Purple Line Extension, Seattle’s Center City Connector Streetcar, Omnitran’s “E” Street BRT project, and many others. Representative tasks include:

    • Reviewing Safety Program Documentation to verify compliance with Federal requirements. ADS reviews project-specific Safety and Security Management Plans, Safety and Security Certification Plans, Sensitive Security Information Policies and Procedures, System Safety Program Plans, Accident Investigation Policies and Procedures, and other project documentation to determine its compliance with FTA’s safety regulations and industry best practices.
    • Reviewing Project Designs, Construction Plans, and Testing Programs. ADS reviews project design criteria, drawings, and specifications as necessary to assure safety and security requirements have been appropriately addressed and monitors the implementation of design requirements through project construction and testing.
    • Hazard Analysis and Security Assessment Oversight. ADS reviews project hazard analyses, threat and vulnerability assessments, fire/life safety analyses, operating and support hazard analyses, and other safety and security analyses to determine the extent to which potential safety and security risks have been identified and mitigated. ADS monitors the implementation of mitigations throughout the project lifecycle providing recommendations as necessary.
    • Safety and Security Certification Program Oversight. ADS monitors the completion of project safety and security certification programs including the development and completion of design criteria and construction conformance checklists, testing program validation processes, pre-revenue systems integration and preparedness activities, and training programs, and participates in Safety and Security Readiness Reviews on behalf of the FTA.

Washington, DC

US Department of Transportation

Federal Aviation Administration

  • Washington, DC

Services Performed

ADS supported the Federal Aviation Administration’s Integrated Program Office (IPO) and the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) initiatives for the development of future program policy and vision statements to include Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Multi-Function Phased Array Radar (MPAR), Aviation Cyber Security, Enterprise Architecture, and Applied Traffic Flow Management (APNT). Representative tasks included:

  • Safety Risk Management.  ADS led the oversight of FAA’s Safety Risk Management requirements in support of the Final Investment Decision (FID) milestone for the New York Integrated Control Facility (ICF). This included developing the Program Safety Plan, conducting and preparing hazard analyses of the consolidation and construction of new facilities to replace current aging Air Traffic Control (ATC) infrastructure. ADS also prepared a Comparative Safety Analysis of the viable alternatives for facility design and led the System Safety Working Group (SSWG), serving as a project liaison between the prime contractor, the Project Team, and FAA’s Safety representatives. ADS also reviewed and analyzed program concepts, conducting hazard analyses and preparing and delivering concept of operations plans, reports, and briefings to executive stakeholders.

ADS is the prime of the $10 Million MTA On-call Safety Contract

Overseeing the work of three subcontractors.